Rather than let heartache result in something deeply melancholic, the track showcases a series of memories, a clear appreciation for the good times, complete with details & unique rhymes that all help represent a smart & observant creative.

Hip Hop

One of the best & most memorable alternative, organic songs 2019 has seen so far. A stunning performance from Hart compliments superbly poetic & thoughtful writing flawlessly. These visual scenes hold your attention with vivid shots of emotional evolution – from struggle through uncertainty to optimism. From isolation to togetherness.


Aratrea have found a style of their own in the modern music world. Characterful vocals and a unique, unpredictable melody feel mildly reminiscent of the likes of New Radicals, fusing in an unorthodox fashion with cascading electronic synths and contrasting dashes of rock and roll grit.

Alt PopPop RockRock

LA artist and songwriter Skeleton Woman – better known as SKo – emerges this month with a gorgeously smooth and emotive electro-pop track; one that effectively tips its hat to both trip hop and soul in a stylish and blissfully calming way.

Electro PopTrip Hop