Mike Jeffery, John Contino and Chris Buckingham grew up in Palmyra, NY – an upstate friendship that saw them start making music together at just 13 years old. There’s plenty to be said about this depth of connection, as it really lets the music feel both honest and freely performative – a kind of fearless creativity that only true confidence in your surroundings and the support of your peers can really achieve.

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From humble Spanish guitar flickers through the soulful and smooth delivery of the main vocal, Memoria offers a world-music and culturally diverse listen, which soothes the mood and indeed awakens the senses in favour of appreciating the beauty and wonder of our realm.


Whether you yourself have lived with autism as an adult, are a parent embarking upon a journey helping your child enter adult life with autism, or even just for those with an interest in the topic and indeed the compassion to want to understand all who share the world, Adulting With Autism is a diamond of a podcast, with the potential to impact millions of people across the globe.

Great vibes and poignant lyrics creatively intertwine, as Afrobeat singer and songwriter Olivier Cheuwa presents the deeply contemplative and self-reflective new single STRANGER.


Dreamlike acoustic guitar sets the mood, intimacy and musicianship engaging with a romantic aura, before we’re introduced to the lightly trippy rhythms, distant saxophone, and breathy, melodic and evocative vocals.


To celebrate the release of his debut EP Biting The Hand That Feeds, we caught an interview with Christian Metal artist Feet in the Fire.

We talk about the inspiration for making the project, the bible stories behind the songs, and the challenges of intertwining the intensity of heavy metal with the peaceful living of Christian Faith.

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