Creative Director turned Recording Artist Alex Bar doesn’t do anything by halves, and this debut single and video speak volumes on behalf of that.


Taking a step by step approach, easily accessible and perfectly accustomed to mid-level learners as much as absolute beginners and those who know nothing about singing, the course is ideal for aspiring vocalists across the board.

Brilliant, a beautiful piece of music and writing that fits well amidst the hip hop landscape of today, yet also brings a little truth and realness in addition.

Hip Hop

Balancing story-telling with personal insight, detailed scene setting, and a fine use of lyrical strength to keep you captivated, NyuKyung takes an authentic angle when crafting his bars, and this, combined with these eclectic and optimistic soundscapes, makes for an EP well worth experiencing.

Hip Hop

Leading with a soulful vocal, a moment of quiet expression, followed by a powerful and immersive build-up towards the mighty drop of the hook, Your Love effectively walks the line between pop and EDM – bringing together fans of both worlds.