Bad Marriage are living the life right now, offering something that not too many bands or artists seem able to do. This sort of showmanship & positivity can’t generally be faked, so it’s a pleasure to witness it in all of its authentic glory.

RockRock & Roll

CJ Replay’s honest approach to expression & his unique sounding voice will hopefully see his creativity reach far & wide over the coming years. The beats chosen in both cases allow him to fully connect to the movement of the music in a fitting way.


As the track comes to a close, the entrancing set-up works further magic. This idea of knowing the truth is underlined by every aspect of the song; every moment shows you something new.


Apexisback brings the darkness, intensity & character required to give listeners the precise feeling of something epic making a return to the stage. The newly familiar, ever-creative rap-flow of Apex makes itself known early on.


Liberty takes on the issues of the world in a bold & colourfully lo-fi manner. It does so with a surprising touch of heartfelt soul & passion, the likes of which win you over more & more so as the project progresses. 


Christian Heath knows how to write a pop song that feels all at once new & comfortingly familiar. The EP is well crafted, an easy choice for fans of alternative or upcoming pop with a dash of fresh personality.