A song that rings like an acoustic moment from The Eagles. It has an immediately familiar feel, but the words are brand new – the story-line is fascinating but accessible; the details we remember from the heights of happiness & sadness equally. 


A compelling video strengthens the cause & makes this an easy piece to re-visit. A mighty release that ticks more than a few boxes thanks to its skillful combination of relevant truths & entrancing visuals.


Roxxa Nova has undoubtedly found a sound of her own with this single. The song offers multiple moments of musical strength – unique & colourful flickers of soul & emotion that pave the way effectively for the story-line & personality that follow. 


Rudy Slug’s sound is the sort that makes you happy to listen to every bar as it pours through. The leading voice is somehow both smooth & gritty, effortlessly rhythmic in adding a captivating quality to an already calming ambiance.