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Nightbird Casino Radio Anxiety


An ever-memorable Nightbird Casino bring personality and provocative bass back to modern indie rock, with their captivating new conceptual ear-worm Radio Anxiety.

Instantly intriguing for its title, Radio Anxiety goes on to bring through a rhythmically alluring vocal lead akin to the likes of Franz Ferdinand or eighties rock troubadours. The bass-line is also immediately likable, and continues to impress throughout the post-four-minute arrangement.

What follows is an increasingly engaging soundscape and song – one that repeatedly shifts gears and strips back the essentials before rising up once more towards the chaos and colour of the underlying sentiments.

Great structuring and mysterious yet strangely relatable lyrics draw you in from the outset, before the catchy resolve of ‘Opportunistic…’ resounds and injects a kind of anthemic crowd-unity moment.

Soon enough we see equal skill and stylish inflections from guitars, drums and even warped-keys and production. It’s all subtle, but brilliantly effective, and as the song slows itself down for a hypnotic new wave, the whole thing grips with all the more strength.

“This landscape is getting to me, setting them all up the wrong way, sending them all in ahead of her”

Well-worth a few streams and undoubtedly a band to look out for on the live scenes.

Grab the single Radio Anxiety and more music via Bandcamp. Find Nightbird Casino on Facebook, TikTok, Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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