Rush Sturges - CAPSIZED - Stereo Stickman

Rush Sturges CAPSIZED


Damn this is good. Not the most professional introduction on my part though – let me try again…

Superb vocals combine soulful devotion and character, throughout a blues-kissed arrangement of tuneful good vibes and gripping scenes – Rush Sturges unites strong grooves, fast bars and striking hooks, for Capsized.

Collaboration is key and CAPSIZED is perhaps the modern epitome of that. Blending sharp bars, high energy and sublime vocal personality, all the while presenting an organic, piano-led backdrop of addictive and infectious origins, CAPSIZED is a refreshingly creative yet broadly effective hit.

Fusing genres with fearless conviction and purpose, Rush Sturges brings in live horns and further impressive musicianship throughout the new release, and backs it all up with an equally compelling live video; which allows those personalities and that stage-ready presence to reach out with all the more weight.

Brilliant. Listen and watch today, add it to your playlists. I look forward to hearing more from Rush Sturges.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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