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Kaiserin Rebecca & Denis Couture Irreplaceable (Feat. Yuka Sekine)


Freshly released from the album Beyond Illusions, the collaborative sound of Kaiserin Rebecca, Denis Couture and Yuka Sekine delivers a cinematic and evocative journey, for Irreplaceable.

Featuring long-form verses and a refreshingly unique melodic build, Irreplaceable leads with a warm combination of keys and synths, a subtle rhythm section, and bold, bright vocals from our leading singer. As such, the progression is emotive and near-theatrical – feeling rooted in its story-telling and passion, as it increasingly raises the energy and volume.

Movie-ready yet also musically impressive as these waves of heartfelt melody, united in both piano and voice, rise up to immense peaks before settling back down for a calm and satisfied outro.

It’s an undoubtedly unique style, particularly at this time within contemporary music – there’s nostalgia and humility in the approach, but also a fearless level of commitment to the emotions at the centre of the writing; not least of all that beautifully heartfelt vocal front. All of these qualities resound with clear identity throughout the new album.

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