CRS-1 - SPACETIME - Stereo Stickman



Re-crafting the space around you with faultless attention to detail, as ever – CRS-1 takes listeners down an entirely new audio pathway once again, with the depth and dramatic edge of SPACETIME.

Consistently reigniting the Techno and House realms with creative twists of intensity and heart, CRS-1 offers up a whole new edge of identity for this release, blending sci-fi tones and fiercely relentless rhythms with subtle fragments of soulful melody and ethereal effects.

All at once we get ensnared in the grip of the tempo and pulse of the track, whilst appreciating the subtle rising anticipation of the soundscape; and the sheer ability of the producer in delivering that unrivaled euphoric escapism.

Following on from last month’s equally brilliant Don’t think, just do, SPACETIME maintains a fine balance between ability and passion, yet takes us through a wholly different world of sound in the same instance.

The new track gathers momentum consistently across over six minutes of play time, ultimately immersing the listener within this beautifully manic culmination of moments – before tapering off with humility and calm, for a return to the spoken segments and subtlety of the introduction.

Single out June 9th. Find CRS-1 on Facebook & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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