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Set The Sun THE TRUTH (Feat. Clint Lowery)


Soaring rock soundscapes create an instantly immersive, evocative realm – within which the right fusion of melody, passion and grit can make for an unrivaled listen. Enter Set The Sun, with their explosive and beautifully-crafted new single THE TRUTH.

Instantly vast in its precise fusion of classic drums, guitars and electronic production traits, THE TRUTH blends cinematic design with simple melodic riffs and patterns, to carve out an intriguing sense of rising anticipation as things build.

Leading with the nostalgic sound of a canned or distant vocal quietly relaying the depths of the story, THE TRUTH gathers momentum faultlessly, ultimately finding its energy and groove for a brilliantly anthemic hook of ‘Why do we wait so long?’

Great production is essential for this kind of ehtereal and intense electronic metal, and Set The Sun have mastered that quality with the new release. We’re gifted the fullness of the studio sound as well as the authenticity of a live band who will no doubt raise the bar all the more so at shows.

Well worth a few streams this season, with a captivating set of animated visuals to further its appeal.

Find Set The Sun on Facebook, TikTok & Instagram or their Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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