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Ben Stubbs Light of My Life


Masterful folk-rock and blues meets with instantly likable songwriting, as Ben Stubbs offers up a sensational collection of originals, for the aptly-titled, celebratory yet honest album Light Of My Life.

Stop The World is stunning, lyrically illuminating from the get-go, and musically connected to this depth and beauty in a way that naturally uplifts. Weave in the organic arrangement, this folk-pop, subtle big-band feel, and the album is off to a strong start.

Continuing to reflect upon the highs and lows of living, in an appreciative and thoughtfully mature fashion, Light of My Life repeatedly offers the embrace of musical warmth, catchy folk-rock hooks and inspiring sentiments. Live and Let Live is a fine example, alongside the bluesy guitar swagger of an equally relevant Social Media State. Always Ben unites nostalgia and modern observations in a seamless way that’s easy to connect with.

Highlights include the intimacy and subtle Eddie Vedder softness of our title-track Light Of My Life, and the contrastingly upbeat soul-rock energy of Perpetual War. In both settings, Ben’s writing and vocal tone pour through with a sublime balance of delicacy and grit.

Raised By Man is another favourite, that soul-rock electric guitar and lower vocal tone more than meeting the needs of this blues-kissed story that grips.

The spacious and compelling closer Forgetting Paradise is also addictively delicate yet powerful – a brilliantly memorable, deeply-human piece; faultlessly harmonized and wrapping things up on a notable high.

Passion and professionalism walk hand in hand, for a fine showcase of devotion to the art-form. A wonderful album, well-worth delving into this season and beyond.

Album out May 19th. Find Ben Stubbs on Apple, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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