There’s been a notably squeaky clean finish to much of the mainstream world’s indie-rock offerings in recent years. The grit and uninhibited passion of times past seemed to be lost in the haze a little – enter the aptly named Hazy Days, with their raucous and unquestionably real rock sound; the sort that makes the classic and contemporary fans alike crave a live show from the moment those drums come crashing into the room.

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Cleveland pop artist Ben Ryan Metzger leads with optimism and positivity on this latest single. From the album of the same name, Ride With The One You Love fuses a classic dance backdrop and energy level with a country-style melody and vocal style to match.


Nomo quickly shows itself to be an anthem for the rap fans who miss the classic weight and rhythm of the genre from way back when.


While certain moments feel undoubtedly RnB inspired, certain others seem really well-suited to the alternative EDM-pop fusion world. It’s a voice that transcends genres, and for all of these reasons and more the song is making waves online right now.


Singer and songwriter duo Benso&I offer up some gorgeously organic folk vibes on this version of Fiery Eyes. The simple strum of an acoustic guitar and a clear sense of space and warmth are all that’s needed to support the band’s beautifully united voices.