Rod Black promises reflective, optimistic writing, and a voice that sounds naturally connected to this genre and the feelings of the song. It’s country for sure, but with a twist of fresh identity.

CountryPop Rock

Introducing a conceptually provocative, uniquely expressive album from the UK’s own CHOZE – D.I.Y marks a bold and unforgettable leap outwards into greater creative plains of hip hop.

GarageHip HopRap

From the intimate appeal of an acoustically strummed introduction, through an increasingly colourful soundscape, cleanly mixed vocal, and long-form yet catchy melody, Kevin Millan continues to raise the bar.

Introducing a passion project of immersive beauty, composer Arnar Guðni joins forces with photographer and filmmaker Kévin Pagès to craft soundscapes and artistic releases founded amidst a shared love of nature. The Icelandic duo draw attention to the natural beauty of their homeland, whilst surrounding audiences with multiple layers of lush instrumental sound-design. AbunDanse, as … Continued