Humble but ambient design smooths out the thoughtfully uncertain edges of a songwriting style committed to melodic and conceptual intrigue. UK rock duo KIN TALA weave an unorthodox creative web that’s both unique and enchanting, for their impressive debut EP Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost.

Indie PopShoegaze

Musically colourful and uplifting, lyrically poignant, political and unapologetic, The Rest Of Us leads with clear-cut images and scenes, and at the same time injects a boldly catchy groove and melodic thread to really make sure these ideas linger in the mind. A job well done.


Built around sublime production and captivating vocals, MORE is all at once humble and broadly impactful, presenting a mainstream-relevant aura but also intertwining creative traits from the likes of EDM and Afrohouse. Notice the beating heart of the rhythm, the drop to the hook, the anthemic unity and sheer quality of the arrangement.

AfrobeatAfrohouseDance PopPop

Retro synths and rising energy back up the classic rap flow of alternative artist Ar4$u. The new project Shoot Me With Your Heart presents a seven-track exploration of precisely what the title implies – the intricacies of relationships gone wrong, the highs and lows of love and heartbreak – and does so in a creatively distinct way.

Alt RapHip HopRap

Ultimately committed to its sense of living life in the fast lane, LaFerrari is all about escapism, and the production, arrangement, songwriting and performance all work to reinforce that.

Alt PopEmoTrap