Embracing the contemporary tones of hip hop and RnB, yet with an impressively detailed and progressive soundscape, Balagosa drives with quickly memorable melodies on this single – short lines and a hook that draw you in from the offset and keep you rhythmically engaged throughout. Production-wise there’s a dreamlike quality to this track, it doesn’t … Continued

Alt PopHip HopRnB

Ace Adams leads with a refreshing approach to sound design on this latest EP. Introducing a string of impressive features, 4 of a Kind opens up with a quickly likable, spacious and unique new beat, fusing the weight of hip hop with the retro soul of electronica and the more organic clap of pop.

Hip HopPopProducer

Peaches takes the form of a classic trip hop single in many ways, igniting nostalgic connections to the likes of Portishead & Zero 7. The further along it moves though, the more it begins to pave its own way – the more intricacies you pick up on that effectively paint a new kind of picture.

Alt PopTrip Hop

Balancing a gorgeously organic Americana & folk-rock soundscape, with a hip-hop-soaked verse, country story-telling, and an overall energy that’s close to impossible to feel sad in the presence of, We Can gives listeners a real sense of that very sentiment implied by the title.

Complete with an organic set-up, and clean, clear vocals that contrast well with much of contemporary music’s finishes, Heartbeat Of My Life is easily one of Wembi’s most energizing and memorable songs yet.


Creative Director turned Recording Artist Alex Bar doesn’t do anything by halves, and this debut single and video speak volumes on behalf of that.