Anthemic by design but also unafraid to push the creative boat out further than mainstream officials may recommend, Signature Gold effectively unite alternative and accessible rock and metal with this release, and showcase great songwriting abilities at the same time.

Alt RockGrungeMetalRock

“It’s almost impossible to write a song that you’re willing to sing over and over forever, but some
songs just feel right and every time you play it you get this tingly magical feeling; like there’s some
strange power in the chords that were chosen, and they way they were played was just meant to

Alt RockGrungeHard RockRock

Perhaps the central lyrics of the opening track encapsulate the themes of this project best – “You can give your love. You can fuck your hate.” Meet The Beat Holes compiles unique anecdotes and broader topical themes, to ultimately celebrate the freedom of love and the power of personal choice.

Alt RockGrungePunk

An impressive debut, to say the least – a track that begs for you to witness it in a live setting. Purple Crosses intertwines desolation and hope, as it explores the concept of recovery and the overwhelming desire to escape the hellish grip of addiction.

Alt RockGrungeLo-Fi