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Synthetik Blonde Do You Wanna Know


Unexpectedly distorted for a worthy fusion of electro-pop and hard rock, Synthetik Blonde deliver a brilliantly immersive soundscape, with a subtle hit of dance-pop songwriting humbly intertwined.

Uniquely arranged and produced, there’s a retro twist to Do You Wanna Know that instantly meets the likable groove of this funk-kissed set-up. An extensive introduction permits that vibe to really take hold, before we veer off to be enchanted by a light and gentle vocal depicting story and sentiment.

Electronic sound-play continues to appear intermittently with the otherwise heavy edge of the guitars. The latter half in particular features a spoken fragment amidst a notable shift then fusion of all layers, presenting a kind of early Madonna feel in unison with an already genre-fusing sense of freedom.

Both recognizably quirky and rhythmically alluring, Do You Wanna Know stands tall on the strength of its original creativity and the general stomp of that beat.

The metal and ethereal combination works well – it will be interesting to hear where else Synthetik Blonde take this style in the coming months and years.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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