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Trey Wonder The Long Dark Turn


“Capture the envious eye and place it in the catapult, then launch it over yourself just to watch it explode.”

This cinematic monologue of brief, captivating weight introduces the brand new full-length album from the one and only Trey Wonder. Immediately we’re intrigued, and the subsequent music more than meets the needs of this appeal.

After the intro, we’re softly and accordingly launched into the familiar bass, guitar and drums realm of an ever-devoted Trey Wonder sound. The melody quickly connects, the vocals sound great – better than ever, yet still authentic and recognisable. Songwriting on top form, riffs at their best, rhythm relentlessly gripping – an explosive start to an extensive, purposeful album.

Gritty bass follows for a mellow stomp of a track that evolves into chaotic territories – Eating Me Alive takes full advantage of concept and mood. Then we get a touch of oriental progression in the form of a catchy and characterful Queen Bee.

“I’m a married man and do all I can, I don’t give a shit about Instagram.”

Catchy hits crop up more than a few times on this project. Warped distorted riffs contrast the infectious melody of Treat It Like It’s New as a fine example, rising and falling in true anthemic fashion.

We also get a few familiar flavours – Down The Rabbit Hole feels like a slept on grunge hit, whilst the unmistakable Man Made Flu makes a worthy appearance within the mix.

During the latter half, soaring guitars elevate Mi Novia for a touch of instrumental brightness and energy, along with juxtaposed self-reflection that’s both humorous and painfully relatable. Selective Horror also lures you in with piercing cultural observations and fast-paced vocals that keep you interested; not to mention a structural evolution that brings welcomed dynamic.

After this, Element 115 softens things to a pop-rock level for a dash of warmth and contemplation. Then the bass gets a little rowdy for the dark and hypnotic Parallels – a song that tips its hat back to the earlier Trey work more notably influenced by the likes of Nirvana; this time with a dash of Rage.

The Sever contemplates all the more so, blending horror and comedy once more with magnetic appeal, before the classic pop-punk energy and unforgettable lyrical repeat of Battle Midnight pours through to light up the penultimate moment – always a favourite. She Hates Vaccines is another, and brings the album to an instantly catchy finish.

“She hates vaccines, and I hate hearing about it…”

Trey Wonder captures the essence of anti-culture through and through with this project. Musically nostalgic yet unheard in its current and raw commitment, fearlessly topical and revealing, loaded with lyrical gems that reach out to connect on a pure and often hilarious level.

The Long Dark Turn is perhaps everything its title implies, but nothing like you’ll be expecting.

Check out Trey Wonder on Instagram & YouTube or visit his Website for merch & more music.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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