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Trey Wonder Man Made Flu


In true punk rock fashion, the unmistakable Trey Wonder goes against the grain once again – or rather, settles amidst the increasingly popular side of alternative media and conspiracy – with this fearlessly outspoken new single and video.

Trey-distinctive in sound, pace, image and the brief time-frame – Man Made Flu kicks into gear with that unaffected, gritty bass and guitar fusion, with the raw drum right up-front and centre.

Immediately we get listing – references in short lines that prove instantly topical and familiar given the back and forth between certain groups and the growing lack of trust in authorities and mainstream figures. As many points as possible, crammed in to get the cogs moving and the anger out.

While the verses seem to playfully toy with comments, the chorus strikes with far more intensity, and before the second verse we get a complete break away – a spoken-word segment, defining Tyranny as when people fear their government.

After this, the chorus stings all the more so. ‘Sterilise your family and exterminate your friends’ – the line resounds to bring things back to their core, which is of course the fear, the uncertainty, that has so heavily impacted the globe since the dawn of all of this.

Whether you think these ideas are dangerous, or that the virus is, or the vaccine, or the media – we can’t think for others, only for ourselves. People aren’t arguing about these issues for fun – this isn’t football or even political voting – it’s unprecedented territory, and in many cases; a matter of life or death.

While there’s often a weight or poignancy to Trey’s writing, there’s also usually a more laid-back or fun tone. Here things seem to get more and more intense as the passion and speed of the images and ideas rise and rise. It’s clear this is something that lays heavy on the mind and the heart, as it does for most of us.

Not knowing what’s ahead is unsettling, as is taking risks – the waiting, wondering, learning – worrying about the future, our loved ones – none of it’s easy. Art speaks on the times, Trey’s in particular always does. There’s a perspective to consider, in every case. And on a basic level, the arrangement and delivery of Man Made Flu proves clearly united to the angst and ache at the heart of the writing. An artist baring his concerns with openness, intention, and volume.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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