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Trey Wonder Battle Midnight


Trey Wonder returns to kick off 2021 with an impressively conceptual and captivating new single and video.

Featuring the classic punk-rock energy of any Trey Wonder single – fast-paced power chords and raw drum work – the release also offers up a crisp and compelling series of visuals that help further draw in the audience and hold their attention right the way through.

On top of the regular, recognisable sound of Trey’s music, the production here is on another level, and the song-writing is immediately intriguing, engaging, and engrossing as it pours through amidst this full-on rock soundscape and visual story-line.

‘Come on babe, let’s go buy some guns’ repeats to start things up; in a strikingly joyful way. Meanwhile, images of America, surveillance, a modern and masked society, and all that has made this past twelve months so impactful and memorable, swarm the screen and unite with the pace and relentless movement of the music in a powerful way.

Making fine use of a select few lyrics to make its point, and simple repeats elsewhere that envelop listeners in the moment, the release intrigues and provokes in the way that a mid-album Nirvana track once would. Right up until the middle 8, Trey keeps things incredibly simple, essentially prompting listeners to fill in the gaps themselves. Then we get this lyrical outpouring for the latter half, before the whole thing resolves back to the ultimate and scarily relevant matter of ‘let’s go buy some guns’.

Brilliant. An easy highlight from the Trey Wonder Catalogue to date, and an impressively poignant must-hear for the year ahead.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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