Sisters Hailie and Jodie Sandstrom, born in 2014 and 2010 respectively, bring an unrivalled degree of youthful freedom to the genre. Their debut single and video BRB showcases a clear love for the playfulness of creative performance, with both artists delivering their best rhymes and flows throughout a bass-heavy electronic arrangement that’s both minimalist and instantly recognisable.

Hip HopPop

All the more impressive with each revisit. Once again, EspeceX has managed to capture a sound that’s entirely its own thing – something like Lemon Jelly if reimagined in a cinematic modern world.

The album as an artform, true rock as a force of undying escapism, plus lyrical sensitivity – it’s a rare combination, but Edge have captured the essence of all of this, with the superb new album Latency, Vol. 1.

Hard RockMetalRock

“I’ve sprinkled genre-bending elements throughout, catering to a broad audience palette. Whether you’re into synthwave, retrowave, or exploring uncharted musical territories, there’s a standout track waiting to resonate with you. The listening journey is as unique as each individual, promising an unforgettable ride through the rich tapestry of Parallax.”

Dance PopEDMElectro PopProducerRetrowaveSynthwave

Diary-like lyrical vulnerability meets with a poetic metaphorical overtone and edgy pop production – songwriter and artist klaud explores the depths of isolation and loneliness, with mad king.

Dance PopPop

Throughout twenty tracks we’re blessed with lashings of neo-electro sounds and captivating melodies, strong grooves and seductive lyrical journeys. The set can be pieced together like pages of an enchanting story – within which a plethora of individually enthralling tales and ideas relating to technology and love; to AI and humanity – to the static and the silence, all feature.

DreamwaveSynthwaveVocal Synthwave