Featuring a gripping storyline that’s personal in lyric but relatable and broadly compelling in the accompanying video, SnapDibz recreates the story of the Karate Kid with My Life’s visual counterpart, depicting a child’s reaction to being bullied and ultimately finding his strength. Meanwhile the music relays a tale designed to engage with and inspire those who are struggling to find their way.

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Perhaps his first masterpiece, Leaving feels like a structurally knowledgeable yet still intriguingly alternative indie treasure of a track. I’ve mentioned The Eels previously in terms of that vocal rasp and warmth, the joyful twinkle of the instrumentation, but from a songwriting perspective Marshall Gray falls somewhere between the likes of the nineties emo artists and the more edgy realism of bands like Radiohead and REM.

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Following the release of his iconic new single and video American Made, we caught up with lifelong musician and songwriter Sebastian James, to find out more about the song, his journey so far as an artist, the upcoming album, and plenty more. Here’s how it went.


Rhythmic electric guitar licks, mellow vocals, tribal rhythms and soulful layers of expression – a refreshingly humble but creatively faultless arrangement, which provides the rare quality of being music rightfully designed as a blessing; not merely an artist’s opportunity to showcase himself.

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Electronic production and joyful, evocative patterns meet with lyrical contemplations that feel oddly relatable – ‘Come on let’s save the world, but not today…’ Another Day is the first single from the mysterious muqi – an electro-pop artist with a unique earworm of a melody to enthral you with.

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