Lauren keeps things real in an almost spontaneous, in the moment fashion, and by doing this – she allows the song to build bridges towards any number of listeners; those who have unexpectedly found themselves caught in a whirlwind of deep thoughts, questions, and uncertainty. 

Alt PopSongwriterTrip-Hop

ShadowHood has written a classic and somewhat vintage-style song, one that’s refreshing to listen to right now – nothing fancy is needed, nothing unnecessary, no filler – just natural songwriting and musicianship. Worth a listen, particularly for those who are loved up this Valentine’s week.


Black Hebrew offers up an impressively smooth and skillful RnB track with this latest release Jenn. From the offset the song feels like a slept-on classic, a nostalgic hit that made waves back in the day.


Feenyx is an artist and rapper who has dropped new projects pretty consistently throughout the past year or so. The latest of which is the album King Of The Hills, a collection that sees the performer at his most confident and melodically inspired.


JSPH’s quietly expressive voice has a soothing effect as it pours through, and the lyrics, the concept – all of this leans in a similarly settling direction.