Despite the personal nature of the story-line – there’s plenty to connect with; it feels perfectly designed to motivate and energize, to remind any listener that things can and will happen if you keep looking ahead and keep working towards it.


There’s a certain quality that occasionally emerges in a rock vocal where the artist genuinely and thoroughly submits to the performance – bidding farewell to concerns or audience reception, diving head-first into the moment and letting it guide the sound of their voice with whatever levels of passion and intensity the song in hand draws from them. This was the first thing to strike me about the sound of The Infection.


Better Than You speaks on moving forwards and not looking back. There’s a sense of accomplishment in the lyrics and indeed in Angelle’s delivery of them. That vocal has believable swagger about it, meandering effortlessly through these notes but also hitting with impact rather than simply and softly whispering the ideas. 


The song is incredibly personal, and those intimate emotions stand tall – Mr. MooQ has encapsulated the underlying sentiment in everything from the lyrics to the structure to the performance. It’s a quickly likable track, and one that’s difficult to forget once it’s crossed your path.


This beat gives the composition a pulse, a notable level of humanity that drives things along. You feel as if the soundscape is slowly enveloping you, and that somehow your heart-rate is rising in the process – perhaps perfectly well encapsulating whatever it is that the word Dive conjures up for the listener.


The roots of the genre stand tall, that voice has character and these bars impress more and more so as the track progresses, but that backbone of authenticity in the beat and the weight of the soundscape helps cement the track as more than worthy of its role within hip hop.