Miss Money has crafted a summer classic with this latest release, bringing through an upbeat and colourful bounce of a track, one that leads with a simple and quickly memorable hook that’s likely to be left lingering in your mind long after listening.


The hopeful and colourful energy of the soundscape and the melody really helps create a clever contrast with any turmoil detailed in the verses – the song in full leaves a sense of possibility and motivation lingering in the room. A job well done, in more ways than one.


The way the acoustic guitar leads into the beat, bringing through flickers of folk, country and hip hop alike, makes it east to get into the vibe of the track; and to appreciate the creative way in which WAYAL has approached and crafted this release.

Alt PopCountryFolk PopRnB

Jada Raquel re-lights a classic RnB style and sound with this single. Fusing a colourful and quickly recognizable soundscape and leading riff, with a freely meandering, soulful and flawless vocal line, the song rides tall on the strength of its own musicality.


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