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Trey Wonder Treat It Like It’s New


Leading with perhaps his most infectious arrangment yet, an ever-nostalgic Trey Wonder re-injects his high-octane drum-work and engaging power-chords into a song that proves an easily timeless anthem.

Emerging complete with well-placed solos and vocal breaks, Treat It Like It’s New feels like Wonder’s most structurally complete piece yet. The set-up just works, it engages and proves recognisable – even with so much space between verses; the track tells its story, weaves its mood around listeners in an instant. In addition, the seemingly arbitrary arrangment of visuals in the accompanying video seem naturally well-suited to the high-energy strength and scenery of the song and indeed the punk-rock scene in general.

Offering images and thoughts of a simpler time, Treat It Like It’s New keeps your focus on the raw punk-rock progression of the chords, the tinny retro finish, and the aptly indie vocal tone that delivers this song of appreciation and simple fun.

The rising chord progression and the trippy drum-line give the soundscape alone a memorable quality, and that’s worth a lot these days. An enjoyable anthem that begs for a live experience.

“I get bored real fast, not as fast as you, so congratulations – you’re a winner too.”

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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