Every person faces hardship at some point in their lives, but it’s how we respond to such adversity that truly defines who we are. ONE is Dunja World’s response to that hardship, and her spirit will not be broken.


The organic musicality & the genuine, emotional sound of Erhard’s voice drive the song’s sentiment in a uniquely appealing way – his whispers draw you in, and those bigger moments hit with flawless impact thanks to contrast & his unwavering ability to deliver.


Flawlessly produced, You by OCNS fades in & dissolves out like pages in an incredible epic, as if one is opening a book to an amazing page-turner that requires no page turning, just elegant listening.

PopSoft Rock

The guitar work is perfect, simple yet effective, instantly recognisable after even just a single listen. Soon enough, the song’s lyrics start to take hold, sinking in with the emotional depth of something incredibly real & heartfelt.

Indie RockRock