The organic musicality & the genuine, emotional sound of Erhard’s voice drive the song’s sentiment in a uniquely appealing way – his whispers draw you in, and those bigger moments hit with flawless impact thanks to contrast & his unwavering ability to deliver.


Flawlessly produced, You by OCNS fades in & dissolves out like pages in an incredible epic, as if one is opening a book to an amazing page-turner that requires no page turning, just elegant listening.

PopSoft Rock

The guitar work is perfect, simple yet effective, instantly recognisable after even just a single listen. Soon enough, the song’s lyrics start to take hold, sinking in with the emotional depth of something incredibly real & heartfelt.

Indie RockRock

What stands the tallest about this version of Where Is My Mind is Costi’s rap verse, particularly that opening set of bars – it comes so unexpectedly & proceeds to effortlessly pour these fresh ideas & rhymes out to you in a calm yet confident way.


From the kid in the basement trying to get the fingering just right on his new B.C. Rich, to the hardened metal-head listening for the thousandth time: Wicked World is bound to be the track kept on repeat for the better part of the summer, and kept at the top of the playlist for good. 

AmericanaBlues RockRock