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Tacboy and Rude Minor Not Around


Retro tribal rhythms and catchy melodies make up the quickly infectious embrace of Tacboy and Rude Minor’s new single Not Around.

Keeping things creative throughout a stylish and increasingly immersive progression, Not Around stands tall on the natural strength of these nostalgic dance rhythms and the relentless personal angst and longing of the lyrics.

Weave in a strangely accessible, genuine vocal lead, almost pop-punk-like in its honesty and passion, and the completed track manages to become both a memorable popular contender and a timeless dancefloor classic.

Somewhat indie electro in those quieter, minimal moments before the drop to the hook, the track in full makes sure to utilise contrast and arrangement to professionally effective levels. Both Tacboy and Rude Minor put in the very best of their abilities, yet do so in a notably humble, authentic way – committing to the concept, mood and emotion of the song in a subtle yet likable fashion.

In short, Not Around lingers in the mind indefinitely, and provides that alternative hit of escapism that indie fans tend to crave.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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