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aceaceace second to breathe


Retro flavours, hypnotic melodies and contemporary creative twists make up the deeply personal, unpredictable sound of Nigerian-American artist aceaceace – not least of all throughout the ambient and vocally haunting second to breathe.

Building up slowly and maintaining a minimalist yet purposeful aura throughout, second to breathe showcases freedom of creativity with various melodies and instrumental moments in between emotionally tired, poetic vocal reflections.

Soon enough the track reaches its rhythmic progression, the vocal passion intensifying and leaning towards classic hip hop. Still things feel like a freestyle, a diary-esque delivery of genuine thoughts and feelings.

Meanwhile, the soundscape works hard to reinforce the underlying emotions and stages of the performance – including an almost complete fall-away to acapella during the latter half.

Theatrical in delivery and musically uninhibited, aceaceace longs for solitude throughout second to breathe; relatable in craving a moment of pause and self-contemplation. The music effectively represents both the weight and chaos of the outside world, and the calm and comfort of isolation and peace.

Check out aceaceace on Discord.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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