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Alive Like a Suicide Up on the Punkside


Imagine the chaos and pace of punk-rock with a fresh edge of rising anticipation and emotive, energising and immersive contemporary vocals and melodies. Now press play instead, as Sydney’s Alive Like a Suicide have taken on the job with style and confidence.

Up On The Punkside is somewhat impossible to put fully into words – the band stylishly blend genres throughout, yet never does this negatively impact the overall vibe and intention of the song; far from it.

What opens as a fresh chord pattern amidst a nostalgic guitar sound, later becomes a briefly warm and delicate alt-pop single, and afterwards evolves further into the grit and rasp of stage-ready, knees-up punk-pop with an organic thread of commitment to the delivery. Then there’s the story and scene to consider, prompting a revisit more than worthy of your time.

Weave in a cascading guitar solo during the latter half, one that picks up in tempo and precision faultlessly throughout its refreshingly extended lifespan, and Up On The PunkSide quickly introduces us to a band fearlessly devoted to the art of making original yet well-rooted music.

Download or stream the music here. Check out Alive Like A Suicide on Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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