Where to start? This song has all the aspects of something you’d blast in your car for hours. Dense story-telling, intense instrumentation, a catchy hook. When the vocalist is not performing, the music never sounds empty or deserted. A lot of releases don’t have that benefit.


Nadel Paris is no stranger to creativity & this song highlights her awareness of what works in pop music, as well as her passion for singing & her desire to promote love & peacefulness. It speaks proudly on behalf of possibility & of enjoying life as much as possible. 


New Beat Fund creates something new with this surf hip-pop (my name for this blend) sunny track Surf Style. The single depicts the southern California four-piece in a distinct & quite colorful class of the their own.


Mikaydo produces a banging yet charming original rap adjacent to a nostalgia-inducing ear-worm, making this the perfect song to smoke something purple to (or green I guess) and not drive anywhere. Just listen to this track & imagine you’re in L.A.


Flashback plays like an emergency broadcast, urging listeners to go back to the days when we weren’t isolated or prisoners to our earbuds & tiny screens. It’s a call to come back to the club, to stand next to a real person, to experience the beautiful chaos of live music.


The introduction’s sparkling mix fades into violin strings, oscillating between high & low – hope & despair. The sweet simplicity calls back beginnings, a sort of naive angst present in any childhood (the elation to grow tinged with the fear of obscurity).


A producer creating those unbelievably hard-hitting beats that so often seem to have been lost or left behind in a cloud of memories.There’s something subtly characterful about the sound. It’s hard to pinpoint, but it’s there – this meeting between yesterday & tomorrow.


Guilting not only the guilty, but the ignorant; Intimidation Doll seeks to make domestic assault everyone’s business. With a song as well constructed, incredibly conceived & musically adept as this, PMKS have every chance to make that happen.

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