The performance feels like a race down a highway, almost like Race to Neptune know they have the listener by the ears & can take you past your comfort zone. Abandon fashion, forget reservations & dance to this amazing EP while your brain races to the stars.


Keeping the authentic reggae vibes alive & shining brightly, Jah Cure offers the genuine sound & vibe of the genre alongside of heartfelt songwriting & a distinctive, passionate performance. A beautiful track, easily memorable & totally uplifting.


Brother Jon Band undoubtedly have that brightness & level of unified skill to make your night out one to remember, On top of this though, they put a little character into their songwriting, simple but effective choices both lyrically & melodically have the effect of making you really want to take home an album.


The craftsmanship is where the strength lies, this is a piece of audio to be experienced – the movement carries you along, the ideas provoke deep thought, and all in all you get that authentic, alternative trip-hop edge that is all too absent from mainstream music of late. 


The song has a simple composition. It uses electric guitar, bass & drums in a solid combination that promises you a good time, and delivers. The bass links the play of the drums & the grungy electric guitar with a liquid warmth that is also reminiscent of a quality found in Fitzgerald’s voice.


The synth-driven melody glides through shimmering snares & cymbals to create a lucid, poly-rhythmic path of movement – a sequence that compels one to dance. It’s as if the song leaves you wandering around in the dark parts of your mind.

EDMElectronic Rock

These songs that make up the collection are beautifully well produced & also hit in the way that any superb & memorable song should. There’s plenty more to appreciate on top of this as the project plays out. 

Alt PopFunkSongwriterSoul