L.A.Chae - Green Light - Stereo Stickman

L.A.Chae Green Light


Leading with vocal versatility across an increasingly high-octane, passionate set of bars, one-liners of clever wordplay and self-assuredness designed to motivate – L.A.Chae blends ambient sound design with a contemporary rap style, to impress with a brief yet striking Green Light.

Merely one-thirty-nine in length yet creative and lyrically bold enough to stand tall within its scene, Green Light makes fine use of quirky references and artsy production for a relevant yet recognisable edge.

The track has flair but no filler, utilising the moment and excelling on the mic, keeping things musically interesting yet lyrically familiar to really connect with the current landscape. As an artist, L.A.Chae carries the weight of this with a naturally calm, confident performance style.

Weave in a simple yet again memorable, somewhat retro array of visuals from Blue Lens Films 11, and Green Light makes for a worthy introduction to a rapper with a clear sense of identity and focus in the modern hip hop realm.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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