Young is a gorgeous track, beautifully produced so as to bring in elements of a slightly world-like bounce alongside of those that are a little more electronically soaked. It feels like a beach-side song, one to be shared – one that represents togetherness in every way.


Project Sapiens are a hard rock band, without question – there’s weight to their music, intensity & pace. It’s energizing, it fills the room with volume, but more than this – there’s skill to the arrangement & the performances, and there’s a hell of a lot of heart & depth to the writing.

Hard RockMetalRock

Chucky Orbitz is someone to look out for in music right now. You can hear the soul and the determination in his voice, and you can hear the professionalism in the soundscape. Real Feel is a huge track, but it’s also clearly just the beginning of something even bigger. 


The vocal style has a classic feel, taking inspiration from some of the best soul & RnB artists of yesteryear. This approach, when united with such a crisp, colourful, contemporary soundscape as this, makes for a release that seems genuine & likely to reach a wider audience with its accessible tones. 


HeRo’s ability to explore ideas & storylines in a clever, artistic, rhythmic way, is immensely impressive. At the same time, he pours heart & soul into his performances, adding even more value. As if the nostalgic artwork for the album isn’t enough to get you pressing play, a promise of the worth within hopefully will. 


For those who remember the wonderful artist and songwriter that was John Denver, this three-part video release from The Roving Apatosaurus is certain to offer a welcomed and beautiful ode to those memories and to a song that has such a powerful connection to history. 


It’s no easy feat for an artist to simply sit with an acoustic guitar & captivate an audience with his words & melodies. Will Adams seems to achieve this every time though. This album is one that calms you down to the point of deep thought & genuine self awareness.


This song takes a little from all of the best places in music – crafting before you an immersive experience, one that works on a purely musical level, as well as reaching out to connect with our inner humanness; our less talked about feelings & connections to one another. 

Alt PopPopRnBSongwriter

Very rarely in life do you come across an artist that has immeasurable levels of talent with an innate star quality that can’t be learned, and just know it’s only a matter of time until they hit it big. Kingsley is one of those artists – his self-titled debut is a master class of the pop-rock genre.

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