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STRICKLAND Superficial Chaos


Introducing an impressively pure and poetic debut album, from an artist with a clear balance of contemplation and nostalgia at the heart of his sound – STRICKLAND releases the mighty rock project Superficial Chaos, and reaches straight for the heart.

Blending qualities of classic rock and indie across a raspy vocal thread and distorted, arena-ready live guitar and drum sound, the style of Bleed With Us kicks things off with both familiarity and intrigue.

The arrangement is big, the vocal passionate and characterful, but the lyrics veer off in some fascinating direction – quickly provoking deeper consideration, and connecting for their defiant level of wonder, longing, and humanity.

It’s an increasingly powerful song, one that gifts a little more soul and insight with each revisit, and it sets the bar well for the remainder of the album.

Far from a one-trick pony, STRICKLAND exercises his right to versatility throughout Superficial Chaos. Always the voice remains recognisable, somewhat more notably unique within the likes of a stripped-back Madamoiselle, Time Of Your Life, or a choir-ready High Hopes (featuring contrastingly smooth vocals from Christian Erik). The tone is also elevated in a more electro-funk and blues fashion for the unexpected swagger of songs like Tonight, as well as within the outright roots and stomp of The Rolling Stone.

As things progress, the style proves all the more raw – classic inspiration shining brightly, allowing the STRICKLAND approach to feel that much more authentic in its live, unedited setting.

Seeming to promise a trip down memory lane in terms of the recording style and overall tone of the presentation, the real artistry of Superficial Chaos is undoubtedly in the lyrics and emotions contained within each song. STRICKLAND sets the vibe accordingly, thanks to well-honed musicianship, and so these ideas reach out with genuine passion and purpose. As such, it’s the kind of album you can return to again and again, and still continue to hear some new intricacy or thought. A pleasure to let play.

Download or stream Superficial Chaos here. Check out STRICKLAND on Twitter & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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