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Thee Peecock Angels Homebody


Live electric guitar-work gifts an immediately nostalgic indie vibe, as shoegaze alternatives Thee Peecock Angels deliver the brief yet striking EP Homebody.

Seven original songs bring through the emotive sound of raw vocal harmonies and passionately honest lyrics. Greed Management is the opener, refreshingly poetic amidst the simple sideline of electric guitar and a familiar wash of reverb.

Melody is a clear strength, these long-form guitar riffs and the call and response of the voices proving beautifully alluring and even new in this stripped-back, drum-free setting. The concept is intriguing, and the delivery supports this well – creating an hypnotic realm but one that’s also notably real; almost like a freestyle jam or an unplugged live show. It’s beautifully interesting, and starts off the Homebody EP in a powerful way.

The project gathers momentum throughout but maintains these essential threads of identity. The voices are a key part of the sound, and so too are the lyrics. Vocally we get a kind of gritty, almost grunge-like tone and rasp. Lyrically we’re always welcomed by a thoughtful journey, relatable ideas but presented in a fresh manner. No Easter Bunny is a fine example, heavier in performance but still light on drums to keep that garage-rock energy alive and authentic.

The grunge aspect stands taller still for the rise and fall droning scenery and longing of Towny, somewhat fearless in its passionately bold and intense arrangement and topic. Then to showcase awareness of the setlist in full, Gut Feeling softens things back down for an almost bluesy and again impressively melodic Gut Feeling; a personal highlight for its humanity and softness of sound.

Buy Me Some Lsd follows on well, picking up the pace and reminding us of the enjoyable musicianship that drives Thee Peecock Angels’ unique sound along in so many different ways. This track has an unforgettable hook, instantly memorable, and one that will likely pop up in your mind at completely inappropriate moments throughout the coming days.

Sap is also notably memorable from the moment it begins, though things veer off into alternative territories as the story and self-reflection takes hold.

Then to finish, the rock and roll presence of Gila Monsters makes for a fine anthem that again begs for you to witness the band in action on the stage. A great way to go out, and all in all an impressively interesting, genuinely rock and punk-infused project that offers a strong collection of evocative, engaging tracks.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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