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TG & JT Bolivar Magnum Opus


Eight original track showcases the best of the best from collaborative duo TG and JT Bolivar.

Magnum Opus is the project, exploding into action with the piano and trap-rhythm pairing of an anthemic, motivational They Already Know That We Lit. The vocals proceed to weave an impressively fast-paced web of reflections upon the climb towards success, and this performative skill, combined with a simple yet striking manner of sound-design, undoubtedly starts things off on a high.

Magnum Opus continues in this manner, with equally anthemic gems like the infectious good vibes of Oh Yea, the quirky yet memorable melodies and tones of Coolin, and the minimalist looping chorus of Big Booty. Always we get a worthy balance between nostalgic, legendary influences and the more contemporary rap scene.

This Weekend undoubtedly promises more of the former, a cleanly-mixed track with a heavy bassline and a notable sense of audience awareness when delivering the right kind of mood to fire up the weekend in style.

Maintaining an appealing dynamic throughout, TG & JT Bolivar keep things interesting and fresh, always highlighting a love for the genre alongside a skill for outpouring ideas on the mic by way of a plethora of flows.

Drip Bloop is another highlight, balancing these strengths with just enough productional character to stand out. And thanks to contrast, the smooth RnB flavors of Go Down hit with all the more impact afterwards.

Grab Magnum Opus here. Check out TG & JT Bolivar on Facebook / FB, Twitter / TW, and Instagram / IG.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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