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Taking things to the next level for emo-rap tones and dreamy production, the professional finish of VIGILANT’s MOLLY STAR quickly elevates an already enchanting melody and vocal, for a familiar yet striking journey; one that’s both scornfully confident and fearlessly vulnerable.

Designed to lay the voice cleanly at the front of the mix, there’s nothing to hide behind within the topically relevant MOLLY STAR. The style is undoubtedly relatable right now, and so too is the lyrical progression. This refreshingly crisp arrangement though, and the natural evolution towards self-reflection and realness, adds a welcomed element of newness; something that hopefully VIGILANT will continue to bring to the scene.

Gritty yet effective, consistently catchy, and easy to escape into thanks to the fine mixing of layers, MOLLY STAR works its magic in an instant, and showcases an artist with a love for the performative side of things; as well as a talent for versatility in both flow and topic. Honesty is brief yet appealing, and helps bridge that gap between the genre and the humanity at its heart.

Far from the first release to his name, MOLLY STAR acts as a worthy pathway into dozens of original tracks crafted and released over the past few months alone. The likes of TATTLETALE bring in an impressive sense of melody and story, with rhythmically shifting rap and soul combinations like DOMAIN EXPANSION utilise metaphor, angst and emotion in yet another refreshingly creative way.

Last month’s dreamin’ is also a highlight, blending freestyle qualities with subtle depths and a clear sense of purpose in both lyric and overall ambient mood. Harder-hitting references add a dash of shock factor, particularly for their juxtaposition with the delicacy of the production. HELP is another that achieves this balance well; a fearlessly personal highlight and again melodically alluring.

Work ethic, talent and passion clearly unite, and the defiant chemistry of a completed new single speaks volumes on behalf of that fusion of strengths.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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  1. I happen to be this insanely talented young man’s mom. He works day and night at his art. I couldn’t be more proud. He’s going places.

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