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Scoob Rock & Lifeline Essence


Smooth and sultry vocals meet with a strong groove and seductive melodies, for the uniquely likable, memorable single Essence.

Scoob Rock joins forces with Lifeline for this beautifully crisp, clean and captivating rap-soul track. The opening moments lay bare a softly organic, soulful hook and soundscape, before Scoob Rock himself delves into these equally humble, deeply reflective conscious rap bars for the verses.

Faultlessly designed so as to fill the room with a perfect fusion of lightness and contemplation, Essence captures precisely the implications of its title and lyrics with everything from the piano-led ambiance to the passionate and focused bars of the verses. The lyrics from both Lifeline and Scoob Rock showcase an impressively literary style, complex and thoughtful, revealing and fearlessly honest, and always these qualities and this journey resolve back to the central concept or Essence.

Featuring a subtle switch to electric guitar for the final moments, the production of Essence is really on a level of its own – not flashy or excessively quirky, just pure and precise in its musicality and relevance to the underlying topic.

The music engages form the start, connects increasingly, and actually gifts the listener a little more insight and lyrical inspiration with each revisit. An easy favourite from this entire year, really well-crafted and performed.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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