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Scoob Rock Signed Sealed Deliver (Feat. Lifeline & The Cook)


Big city vibes pour through as Scoob Rock, Lifeline and The Cook lay down their latest anthem of a hit.

Featuring a big-band production of sultry, smokey rhythms, keys, bass and guitars, the track goes on to showcase a masterful approach to rap storytelling, and even weaves in its own uniquely catchy hook.

Not quite the cover you might be expecting from the title, Signed Sealed Delivered is its own thing entirely – a fresh track that depicts the absolute best of the conscious bars and confident flows of Scoob Rock and Lifeline. The single feels like a nostalgic classic, a heavy chorus section adding a relatable twist or resolve to an otherwise gritty narration on hardship and the struggles of reality.

The track captivates, in short – balancing a euphoric, melodic and mighty production, with powerful bars and an impressive level of personality. The mood is provocative, thoughtful and motivational, and the content is revealing, honest and vulnerable yet bold in its determination and focus.

An easy hit to enjoy, a timeless stomp of a song with striking performances form all involved – Signed Sealed Delivered makes light work of engaging with listeners past and present. A sharp and stylish new release, and easily one of the most likable rap singles to emerge so far this year.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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