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Scoob Rock, Lifeline & The Cook Let Me Tell It (Remix)


Indie’s iconic Scoob Rock re-calibrates all systems, alongside Lifeline and The Cook, for this deeply evocative, nostalgic and stripped-back take on genuine storytelling; exploring the pain of a life spent walking the poverty line.

Featuring beautifully timeless production of classic rhythms, subtle jazz guitar and the dreamy crackle of old-school vinyl, the melody and beat of Let Me Tell It Remix are quick to set the mood, and the faultless stream of storytelling that follows is all the more enchanting as a result.

Promising a worthy dynamic between each rapper, verse one sets the bar with smooth reflections and scenes from a personal day in the life, verse two follows with a little more anger and grit, and always we resolve to the melancholic anthem and looping sentiment of ‘Gun shots fired each and every day’.

For the third verse we revert back to a cleaner vocal style and a subtle passion that underlines the reflections, depth and hardship of these scenes in a boldly poignant, unignorable way.

Instantly a classic, humble by design but fearlessly honest in its depiction of reality and the true darkness of the underbelly, Let Me Tell It Remix highlights precisely what the title implies, offering a conscious level of storytelling that’s refreshing to witness, and a musicality that’s clearly audience-aware in its embrace, pace, and presence.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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