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Veronica Largiu Morning Light


New music from the vocally blessed Veronica Largiu emerges as the euphoric dance-pop single Morning Light.

Performatively nostalgic, the song has the anthemic energy and production quality of a nineties power ballad, elevated all the more so by the equally retro dance design of the soundscape. The energy builds, and both Veronica’s delivery and the musical set-up creatively reinforce that evolution.

Co-written by Deltiimo‘s Gary Louca and Philip Graham Owen, produced by Bradon Grobler, Morning Light is an addictively soulful and uplifting new single – a further testament to the songwriting ability of Louca, and indeed to the vocal prowess and presence of artist Veronica Largiu.

Though there’s a clear level of yesteryear warmth and soul to the arrangement, there’s also a crisp and contemporary overtone to that leading synth riff and the completed feel of the track, and that balance works beautifully. The Veronica Largui voice is also quickly becoming unmistakable as a leading force within the scene, and Morning Light marks a fine extension of that.

An enchanting and addictively satisfying new single, truly indicative of the power of talented collaboration in bringing to life a powerful and immersive musicality.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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