Performatively nostalgic, the song has the anthemic energy and production quality of a nineties power ballad, elevated all the more so by the equally retro dance design of the soundscape. The energy builds, and both Veronica’s delivery and the musical set-up creatively reinforce that evolution.

Dance PopEDMPopRnBSoul Pop

“It’s almost impossible to write a song that you’re willing to sing over and over forever, but some
songs just feel right and every time you play it you get this tingly magical feeling; like there’s some
strange power in the chords that were chosen, and they way they were played was just meant to

Alt RockGrungeHard RockRock

These are feelings shared by many, but it’s not often those in the grip of it that offer up the intricacies so freely. ‘Suicide’ brings through hard-to-stomach sentiments and an ultimately harrowing final thought.

AlternativeEmo RapHip HopRap

Showcasing a careful balance between the confidence of rap and the lighter, ambient embrace of electro-pop, KELLV3N’s Champagne Star offers a summer-ready anthem of good vibes and optimism.

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