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Gary Louca & Trovatori Memories (The Spirit Of Toronto)


Creatively fusing a breadth of influence and experience, with skilled musicians and gripping visuals all united to bring things to life, this introduction to The Spirit Of Toronto proves a refreshingly interesting and compelling venture.

Featuring a series of episodes, with narrated story-telling and imagery, alongside pristine soundscape design for an ambient and immersive listen, The Spirit Of Toronto promises a cinematic journey through both the depths of darkness and the beauty of light.

Rising up from intrigue to power and presence, Memories depicts both the music and story walking with purpose through this brief yet striking composition, engaging listeners with the vastness and detail of the music, as well as the changing stages, scenes and reflections of the writing.

Also primed for release are several reworkings of the piece Memories, including an electro remix by Deltiimo – a high-octane, euphoric take on a work that already provides a magnetic appeal for listeners.

This version uniquely intertwines raw human expressions of melody with heavier electronic layers and rhythms, for an ultimately unrivaled downpour of passion, precision and intricacy.

Deltiimo additionally crafted a Trance version of Memories, again re-imagining the emotions and layers of the original work, to connect with an entirely new audience but with the very same expressive and heartfelt origins. Here we see the classic delicacy and distortion of Trance light up the imaginative, inspiring qualities of the story and musicality in yet another captivating way.

Beautifully instantaneous in impact, this one shines a whole new light on the possibilities and hopeful intentions of the underlying piece.

Memories overall showcases a new direction for creative composer Gary Louca, and sees him collaborate with Opera singers Trovatori for an all-round inventive and innovative hit of escapism.

The aim of The Spirit Of Toronto is to take viewers and listeners on a musical adventure. Our composer Gary Louca reminds fans that audio is 50% of anything experienced on the big screen. As such, upcoming episodes will likely welcome both new recordings and remixes of unreleased older works that could also help bring the animations to life. The full project will highlight some additional, incredible vocal artists.

Creative as ever, impressive yet also fascinating – well-worth delving into this season.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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