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The Keymakers Spectra


The wait is over…

Having enjoyed numerous singles and live clips from this band over the past twelve months, it’s an absolute joy to see how far they’ve come, and to finally hear a longer project and experience their songs and their sound by means of a more extensive playlist.

Spectra is the brand new EP from the stylish, soulful, emotive, genre-blending and limitlessly talented The Keymakers. It’s a listen that effectively crafts a whole new experience for music fans, with just enough hints of familiarity to keep that comforting, uplifting escapism at its core.

Beginning with the brilliantly energizing yet softly soulful Home, the EP showcases stunning vocal ability, delicacy and pace united, heavy yet accessible beats, and multiple layers of unexpected, unique musical riffs and flickers of artistry. From instances of sax to synths to the overall optimism and brightness the track proceeds to fill the room with, Home proves the perfect choice for kicking off this release. Addictively melodic, soothing yet easy and appealing to dance to, and as always – subtly presenting that unmistakable sound that is so clearly The Keymakers.

Lonely follows and immediately creates a stronger connection with the listener. The leading vocal offers genuine emotion, revealing insight, honesty, and a vulnerability that authentically reaches out to connect, to understand, and to be understood. Still that classic dance core contrasts sadness with possibility and vibrancy. Brilliantly done, a definite early highlight.

Sometimes it’s better to be lonely…

The Light injects a quick hit of colour, space, and retro ambiance – a cleaner vocal line, brilliantly MJ-inspired in style and softness, a touch of hip hop, and a generally immersive, powerful soundscape that builds up beautifully. Another highlight, and a mighty indicator of the fact that this EP grows more engaging and impressive as it progresses. Superb, an addictive string of melodies, a skillful, artistic arrangement, and an unwavering intention poetically expressed. Undoubtedly the most memorable, catchy track in the set.

The blissfully dreamlike and intimate California In The Sun emerges at just the right moment – here comes that romance, that scenery, that subtle sax and multiple layers of warmth and gentleness. The world speeds past around you as the beat pulsates in contrast with the softness of those vocals and synths.

Cadence XYZ adds dynamic and eclecticism with smooth, strong vocals on What You Wanted. The playlist continues to satisfy that need for calm and enthusiasm all at once – beautifully well-suited to the long commute as much as the Monday morning admin storm.

Dark Out brings a full-throttle, nostalgic and inspiring summer-time EDM-pop hit at the penultimate moment. A powerful moment, with a stunning drop to a near-dubstep arena of space and embrace. A sensational track, relevant yet refreshing, creatively unique, addictive once again.

Then you get the unforgettably sci-fi, story-telling soul and intrigue of the revealing, deeply human and open Remember, to bring things to a finish. The Keymakers offer just enough of that personal touch to connect on a genuine level throughout an EP which, on the surface, initially appeals for its musical brilliance and production prowess. There’s so much depth to appreciate within, and fortunately, the music makes it easy to revisit these songs. The balance between that which is vague enough to be made your own, and that which is clearly unique to the songwriter, is really well captured.

A sensational project, a playlist of hits, and a lasting reminder that this is a band deservedly in it for the long-run – out of passion, talent, and professionalism combined. Enjoy.

EP Out December 4th. Find & follow The Keymakers on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram or visit their Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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