Increasingly Cassius412 impresses, from the musicality, the roar of that hook vocal, through the weight and emotion of the music, even the vintage, Church-style keys, onward into the bars and personality of the verses.

Hip Hop

Pittsburgh’s Mikebradio keeps things creatively freestyle throughout a series of releases that blend the rhythm of hip hop with the colours of pop and the absolute character of indie artistry.

Hip Hop

Perhaps one of their most simple yet subsequently memorable, recognizable singles to date, The Keymakers impress as ever but cross over into beautifully uplifting new realms with this powerful release.

PopRnBTrip Hop

The wait is over… Having enjoyed numerous singles and live clips from this band over the past twelve months, it’s an absolute joy to see how far they’ve come, and to finally hear a longer project and experience their songs and their sound by means of a more extensive playlist. Spectra is the brand new … Continued

DanceEDMHip HopPopProducerRnBSoul

Rising up slowly, from intimate delicacy and subtle hints of saxophone, to the fully immersive embrace of an EDM soundscape, the song celebrates love and a sense of spontaneity – inspiring the search for freedom, a moment of peace and calm outside of the rat-race.


That Stranger-Things-esque retro synth-bass-line breathes in and out of mix, contrasting with the purity of the sax and the revealing, emotional nature of the vocal. Then comes the beat, a classic crash on the one side, a lower-ended 808-inspired hit on the other.


There was never any question as to how well they could produce & perform music, or write songs for that matter, but as time goes by it seems they delve even deeper into their own journeys & stories. As a listener, it’s a total pleasure to be able to share in that & build a connection as it shines through in their music. This is going to be a big year for The Keymakers.