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The Keymakers Lonely


Producer and artist duo Rome Alexander and Rederic return once more with the unmistakable sound of The Keymakers – always hard-working, always leading with raw and complex emotions and clear, unquestionable talent.

Every time they put out a new video or a new release, there’s a level of certainty about it – you know it will be worth sitting back for, quieting down the room so that purely the music can work its magic. Lonely is far from the exception, and actually, somehow, lights up even more aspects of The Keymakers’ abilities and creative reach than anything from before.

Lonely is a uniquely ambient and expressive new track, decidedly spacious in the beginning – hints of retro, rhythmic and cutting synth-notes accompany a soulful vocal that effectively juxtaposes that electronic aura with a notably human depth. That voice draws you in for its realness, for that breathy, emotional quality that tips its hat to delicacy and passion alike – borrowing from MJ as much as from electronic acts like The xx and even certain RnB performers. It’s The Keymakers – it’s their sound, it’s their style.

Meanwhile, the soundscape continues to gather momentum, slowly but surely enveloping you in this surprisingly upbeat and beautifully chaotic downpour of layers and moments. The music energizes, yet the song itself takes you down lyrical pathways soaked in reflection and regret. Sometimes it’s better to be lonely echoes out from amidst the energy and rhythm of the track. You’re swept away on this EDM vibrancy during the latter half, but still that voice cuts through the chaos of it all – not with volume or shock factor, just purely with that emotional and attentive sense of consideration and honesty.

Rarely do you come across an act that so professionally crafts their music in this way – an act that offers the best of the best in both performance and production. The Keymakers are consistently perfecting their craft, working on those qualities that already come naturally to them, and that’s why every release they present leads its listeners down an enchanting and endlessly impressive pathway. In addition, they always manage to bring through something new – they constantly surprise, throw out curve-balls, reinvent themselves in subtle and skillful ways.

Lonely is an absolute hit, soulful enough to connect with the deep thinkers and the heartbroken out there, bright and bold enough to bring everyone to the dance-floor at the height of the evening; a fine and striking balance. Beautiful work.

Two more singles will follow before the duo ultimately release their long-awaited & highly anticipated new EP. Absolutely worth tuning in for. Find & follow The Keymakers on Twitter & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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