There’s an unusual level of eclecticism on this project – the harder hitting rap tracks contrast cleverly with the more tentative, delicate ones – something you don’t often come across, particularly within such a short project. Flowasis has some big moments & is respectively creative from start to finish.


It’s a raw sound, it sounds live – something you don’t get too much of these days. You can hear the band in real time, and the unity between the bass, the guitars, the melody, and the drums – a brilliant performance on the drums – is easy to get on board with.

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The backdrop is brilliant, the organic bounce of the music is fresh & fits the vocal confidence & style here perfectly well. Some of the best lyrical observations come through, complete with clever wordplay & more than a few memorable lines.


This EP is insane – every song is an epic anthem of classic rock, but it’s also never quite as you’d expect. Strangely Alright aren’t afraid to fill the moment with creativity & unpredictable instrumentation. A brilliantly well presented, uplifting collection that marks a huge moment in the band’s journey. 

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Electric Drama have created a blissfully calming soundscape with this latest single Coincidence – one within which the delicately dark & deeply thoughtful melodic outpouring weaves an effective pathway of escapism around you.