The structure of this is everything, the sounds are unquestionable – the intro is peaceful & reflective, calming, but it’s the rising level of complexity, the increasing details, that really make this something special.


They are always short, the lyrics, always seeming like mere snippets of deeper thoughts or poems. It works within these high energy, ever-shifting soundscapes. You’d know a Gonetcha record after spending even just a little time with these songs.

Electronic RockRock

A self-proclaimed rock star with a fondness for rap music, though that’s something of an understatement. A heavy project, skillfully crafted, with volume, depth & delicacy. Worth exploring as the summer months grow closer. 


You settle into the vibe of the exploration quickly. It’s refreshing, but not at the cost of clear skill. The music has a minimalist feel that lets you appreciate how flawless the vocal performance is.