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River Knight Unsprung


Indie outfit River Knight keep things organic and honest, with the live presentation and melodic simplicity of a heartfelt Unsprung.

Feeling initially nostalgic with its acoustic guitar pattern, Unsprung goes on to bring in subtle layers of strings, rhythm, and harmonised voices – a little A-ha-like at first – ultimately outlining a thoughtfully reflective band.

Poetic and open all at once, the song walks the line between the deeply personal, and that which is accessible on a broader level. The resolve and brightness of the chorus is more notably the latter – a moment of melodic unity, memorable and available to be applied to any and all imaginative, romantic stories; to each their own.

Before this, the verses weave in thoughts of uncertainty, longing and dismay. The vibe has a sort of nineties-esque pop-rock quality, while the hook adds a little dissonance and takes things in a slightly different direction – from pop-punk through to a more Ocean Colour Scene aura, perhaps.

Keeping things raw and authentic, River Knight lay their cards on the table – underlining a clear ability to perform in precisely the manner their recordings imply. No doubt a live show would be all the more captivating.

Download or stream Unsprung via Bandcamp. Check out River Knight on Facebook, TikTok, Twitter & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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