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The Duke Western Back To The Beginning (Feat. Robyn Stockdale & Johnny Unconscious)


Presenting a welcomed return from The Duke Western, this collaborative release introduces an immediately catchy and colourful pop hit – one that feels like a timeless yet nostalgic classic, organic and sweet, with a brilliant dynamic between details.

From the outset the sound is gentle, dreampop with an indie twist, and almost instantly it’s the song’s hook – the looping resolve of this melody and line – that proves its greatest strength.

While the softness of the sentiments and delivery alike breathe new life into the scene, the overall embrace appears mildly reminiscent of the more pop-ready releases from the likes of Bryan Adams. Duke Western’s raspier vocal in contrast with the peaceful and lighter tones of a featured Robyn Stockdale, as well as the easy familiarity of that chorus, brings about a kind of When You’re Gone vibe.

Ultimately though, this track weaves its own web of appeal, in both subject and melody. In addition, the Duke Western artistic identity is naturally reinforced – faultless songwriting ability and the soulful performance continuing to raise his name under a revered light.

Really nicely-crafted, written from the heart and with a brilliant hook as the central aspect – Back To The Beginning will soon have you thinking this is a re-released hit from a simpler era.

Showcasing lead vocals, drums, guitars and bass from the Duke Western, with John Zych (Johnny Unconscious) making light work of superb lyricism – as well as adding keys and synths to the final arrangement – Back To The Beginning is a pleasure to have pour through the speakers this season.

Download or stream Back To The Beginning here from January 2nd. Check out The Duke Western on Facebook, Instagram or visit his Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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