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Sarantos Same Old Christmas


Songwriter and artist Sarantos mixes things up for this release, promising a fearlessly human take on what Christmas can really mean for those who are suffering or whom resent its repetition each year.

The closing song from the contrastingly summer-themed album A Spoonful of Greece, Same Old Christmas follows a melancholic and gentle melody and story, to shine light on a whole new side to this widely-revered time of year.

Refreshingly honest, heartbreaking in its self-reflective scorn and regret, Same Old Christmas captivates for these diary-style statements and questions. The music has a brightness to it, classically warm and seasonal as expected, but underneath this we get the juxtaposed sentiments of sadness and longing.

Personal turmoil guides the writing, cinematic design raises it higher, and even for the huge chorus at the finish – we feel briefly elevated, optimistic as things build and build, yet still the lyrics and melody fall back down towards the realism of pain and loneliness. ‘I just need help‘ resounds and reaches straight for the heart, particularly given the subsequent final line of ‘Merry Christmas to You‘. There’s a genuine sense of desperation to the whole thing, and Sarantos delivers this in a beautifully poignant and compelling manner.

Undoubtedly one of Sarantos’ most impactful and memorable releases to date, and perhaps the most revealing and real Christmas song you’ll hear this year.

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Rebecca Cullen

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