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Brock Curtis The Kind Of Life We Like


Offering a refreshing take on country-pop, with a fine fusion of long-form vocal-lines, electric guitar and fingerstyle-folk throughout, The Kind Of Life We Like drives with a sense of story and character above all else – and introduces Brock Curtis on a notable high.

Emerging complete with crisp riffs, solos and nineties-esque vocal fragments, the arrangement brings together eras past and present, whilst standing tall on the strength of the build-up and drop of that hook.

It’s an extended title, and it falls into place brilliantly to resolve the rhythm and stomp of the preceding journey – ultimately leaving its mark in the mind of the listener; a melody and concept that linger indefinitely once the music has ended.

The live sound appeals initially, but the production soon elevates things towards the mainstream pop realm – suggesting that Brock is already attuned to both the studio and the stage with this kind of good-vibes, ambitious anthem.

The Kind Of Life We Like is a feel-good single for the day-dreamers and those with a passion for the weekend – inspiring yet also with a catchy enough groove to swiftly relieve the weight of the world. Nicely done.

Download or stream The Kind Of Life We Like here. Check out Brock Curtis on Facebook & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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