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Hollywood Nightmare The Rayne


LA new-metal outfit Hollywood Nightmare deliver the perfect fusion of melody, passion, distortion and pace, with their brilliantly immersive anthem The Rayne.

From the outset we’re embraced by this multi-layered soundscape, the band utilising contemporary production as much so a classic metal guitars and live drums.

The leading voice drives through an emotive story and tune, initially delicate and dreamy, rising up accordingly as the details reveal themselves – the vocal and instrumentation joining forces skilfully for that wholly elevating impact.

As the hook falls into place we’re gifted one more piece of the puzzle, following catchy riff-work and Linkin Park-style contemplation and heart, with an explosive shift that naturally urges you to turn up the volume and tune out the world entirely.

Ultimately devoted to a sense of possibility, The Rayne first takes us through the struggles of uncertainty – carrying ‘the weight of the world’, ‘faith dropping like a sinking ship’. The realism is relatable, connects for its humanity, and that brighter resolve strikes well to leave a lasting degree of emotive yet effective positivity and hope.

Really well-crafted and faultlessly performed, the production lets the vastness and purpose of this one stand tall. It would no doubt be interesting to witness Hollywood Nightmare committed to the moment in a live show.

Listen to the full-length album Inferno for more music from Hollywood Nightmare or follow them on Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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