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Ready, Steady, Die! Come Dancing


Uniquely and beautifully meeting the needs of its evocative title, the new release from Ready, Steady, Die! is the piano-led and intimate Come Dancing, and it provides a story, melody and performance that naturally captivate.

Guided by the simplicity of piano and voice initially, Come Dancing follows a mildly theatrical build-up – long-form melodic storytelling, an accessible yet passionate voice with both character and soul to contribute, and lyrics that detail the subject matter scene by scene.

Increasingly Come Dancing tightens its grip on the listener, soon evolving from softly optimistic to melancholic, heart-breaking and even intense. Subtle hits of rhythm and melodic shifts add to this portrayal – alongside the clearly changing tones of that voice; perfectly connected to the topic and emotions at hand.

Coming in at almost five minutes in length, this one impresses more and more so as it makes its way through that thoughtfully-crafted journey. Seeming to fall somewhere between the likes of Abba and Tom Waits, the creative realm is vast yet focused – ultimately indicative of a band with their own fascinating and refreshing way with creativity. It’s interesting and entertaining in equal parts.

In short, Come Dancing is stunning – simple yet striking as it pours through step by step, requiring nothing but the bare essentials of an authentically human performance and lyrical story to draw you in. Absolutely worth knowing about.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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