Stebin Ben - Tujme Main Saans Loon - Stereo Stickman

Stebin Ben Tujme Main Saans Loon


Bollywood Music Production company Cold Wave Production, collaboratively based out of the UK and India, recently launched a devotedly heartfelt and deeply moving single with renowned creative Stebin Ben, and it shines with immeasurable brightness for a number of reasons.

Blending genres with subtlety and style, Tujme Main Saans Loon follows a mellow soundscape of classical, world and pop tones combined, whilst Stebin Ben’s own sublimely meandering vocal guides us through the longing and passion of the progression in a wholly captivating fashion.

Melodically supreme, the song hits with cinematic impact for its arrangement and Stebin Ben’s soulful delivery united, and furthers that embrace with a longer-form evolution yet an ultimately catchy resolve. The result is a culturally diverse hit, bringing together aspects of both the Western and Eastern contemporary music scenes, and ultimately providing a compelling and heartbreakingly beautiful journey.

Tujme Main Saans Loon emerges complete with an equally gripping set of visuals, providing further story and scene for the listener to become entangled within, and naturally elevating the experience and name of the song in a manner that quickly makes it unforgettable.

Check out Cold Wave Production & Panorama Music.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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