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Deltiimo Weigh Down on You


The unmistakable creative depth and composition effort of Gary Louca – AKA Deltiimo – shines as brightly as ever, for this powerful and anthemic new Country Rock and Pop release Weigh Down On You.

Emerging from the same creative caves as the mighty Spirit Of Toronto animation, Weigh Down On You employs a heavy stomp of a rhythm and bass-led, bluesy undertones, to light up the soulful rasp and integrity of LA singer Christian Erik’s unrivaled vocal beauty.

The song pours through with the makings of an easy hit, akin to the likes of Human or Take Me To Church. The style has proven increasingly popular in recent years, and with this single we get a unique twist on that format – an electro-organic fusion of layers, with a boldly poetic lyrical substance that’s quick to draw attention.

Produced by Canada’s Multi-Platinum and Chart-Topping Kevin Cho, the unique set-up and structure of Weigh Down On You is a huge part of what allows it to hit with such memorable impact. The latter half even brings an unexpected shift in style, reinforcing the lyrical journey and the intricacies of Christian’s voice, whilst making sure to recapture any wandering minds.

Emotive and relevant in its own boldly contemplative manner, Weigh Down On You brings together passionate soul with a seductive groove, for a distinctly memorable offering from the UK’s own Deltiimo.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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