On the surface. T Shirt feels like a simple song of heartbreak and separation, but ultimately it proves a long-form metaphor that cleverly details the unrelenting impact of scorn and cruelty.

Just seventeen years old and already carving out a classic but fresh sound as a modern producer. DJ Jan is set to close down this year’s Monster Energy Catalunya MotoGP Grand Prix, alongside a plethora of other noteworthy appearances to follow, and the sheer intensity and creative edge of TEC quite naturally highlights why.

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HEating is the band’s latest single, a fast-paced and post-punk exploration of the inescapable cost off living crisis. What feels at first like a fun and perhaps quirky anthem and performance, soon evolves into a boldly evocative and devotedly heavy ode to the painful decisions being made by millions of families and individuals across the UK. ‘HEating or eating’ resounds from between the fierce crash of the drums and the chaotic meandering of power chords and bass.

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Dedicated to Molly’s own younger sister, She Is Mighty relays nearly whispered details of a seemingly quiet but ultimately powerful individual, and through a stylishly upfront bass and beat combination, alongside a subtle to striking performance, reinforces that storyline consistently.