It’s a very grown up album, properly thoughtful and mature. It’s quite dense and quite busy. But for those willing to take a dip in What’s That About? there is much that can reward you. I finished the album quite breathless and impressed. You should be, too.


Blending the vocal depth and relatable purity of Elbow, with the subtle progression and swagger of a driving ballad, Little House offers soulful melodies and powerful, emotive instrumentation – increasingly so as it makes it way through this post-four-minute journey.

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Inspired by current events, prompted by isolation and motivated by a clear need for change and progression, Normal tackles the very systems we have in place, and questions when regular life will rightly become about love above all else.

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Tipping its hat to contemporary sound design and classic pop alike, Agu Vibes’ single Compromised is a pristine, well-crafted hit, which leads with blissful instrumentation and a powerful melodic progression united.